DAMANHUR is a living laboratory and was awarded sustainable, eco-society in Northern Italy by a branch of the United Nations. Damanhur, Italy has chosen Boulder, Colorado to participate in the spiritual dream of the new Humanity and as the launch site of its North American Mystery School.

Damanhur Mystery School, offered in Colorado, is a journey of self-discovery, revealing that the true reality around us is both magical and spiritual. The ancient knowledge and ways of perceiving are brought back to us by the Damanhurian Philosophy.

Through seminars and experiences that are part of a three year path, the Damanhur Mystery School Program in Boulder gives meaning to a Journey of Transformation creating a new approach to ourselves and to life in all of its manifestations.

YEAR ONE Overview

First Year: Opening the Self: This first year of the school opens a window to your inner world through the exploration of various themes drawn from ancient wisdom and humanity’s history. Topics include the laws that govern matter and its interaction with spirit, dimensions of time, and the identification of innate talents and senses of the soul..


  • Ancient Civilizations of Humankind 1
  • Astral Travel 1
  • Inner Harmonization 1
  • In search of Oneself (The Art of Divination)
  • Past Lives Research 1
  • Past Lives Research 2
  • Spiritual Physics 1
  • The Path of the Dreams 1

To be held in Damanhur, Italy
Payment is separate from US Classes

  • Reawakening the Inner Senses
  • Recognizing and interpreting Inner Answers
YEAR TWO Overview

Second Year: Expansion of the Self: This second year spirals deeper into themes explored in the first year, including the nature of time, the planes of reality, guided dreaming, the transformation of memories and empowering your microlines.

Pre-requisites: Mystery School year 1


  • Ancient Civilizations of Humankind 2
  • Astral Travel 2
  • Contact with the Plant World
  • Inner Harmonization 2
  • Inner Personalities 1
  • Past Lives 3
  • Spiritual Physics 2
  • The Path of the Dreams 2

To be held in Damanhur, Italy

  • Reawakening the Inner Senses 2 (Microlines)
  • Transformation of Memories

Third Year: The Mission: With this final year, participants are given the personal tools to become conscious, active agents of change and transformation—for others and for the world. The emphasis is on how each person has a unique, unrepeatable purpose, and a singular mission to fulfill within the grander scheme of life, realized through one’s divine nature.

Pre-requisites: Mystery School year 2


  • Ancient Civilizations of Humankind 3
  • Inner Harmonization 3
  • Spiritual Physics 3
  • Inner Personalities 2
  • Past Lives Research 4

To be held in Damanhur, Italy

  • Astral Travel 3
  • Cultivation of Memories
  • Follow the Trail of your Mission
  • Guiding the Emotions and Lateral Thinking
  • Past Lives Research 5

Attend the Mystery School …
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Video Presentations by Crotalo Sesamo

Mystery School Introduction

The Damanhur community in Italy that built the elaborate Temples of Humankind and which is considered the 8th Wonder of the World, now brings the MYSTERY SCHOOL to Colorado!

In Boulder, we are honored to have as our teachers, Crotalo Sesamo and Shama Viola (Manuela Terraluna), the top Ambassadors directly from Damanhur will guide participants through the three levels within the Mystery School. The training will involve one or two visits to Damanhur for experiencing the Temple of Humankind.

These teachings are ancient esoteric wisdom that you will not have access to anywhere else. Please join us on this ever deepening journey of useful discoveries to support our personal and planetary awakening.

Astral Travel

Level 1

Insight into the Astral Dimension: Discover the astral dimension as a plane of reality and meet the “inhabitants” of this plane. Begin to explore detachment with specialized techniques and safe ways to exercise and develop this ability.

Level 2

Customize your experience: Based on the experience you have accumulated in the exercises of Level 1, personalize and expand your ability to move in space, expanding your perceptions in the astral dimension.

Pre-requisites: Astral Travel Level 1

Level 3

Journey into the Astral: Your ability to travel in the astral dimension reaches its maximum potential with help from Selfic structures in the Temples of Humankind, putting you in direct contact with the Synchronic Lines and opening doors to where Knowledge is found.

Pre-requisites: Astral Travel Level 2 and a visit to the Temples of Humankind (minimum half-day visit) are required

If you’ve ever wondered  …

whether it’s possible for your consciousness to exit the physical body and travel to other dimensions of reality—and if you desire to experience this in a safe setting with trained experts—this is the course for you.

As humans, we already experience this type of “projection” in our natural dream state, so we inherently know how to do it. The point of accessing these other dimensions is deeper self-knowledge and the ability to control in a positive way how we access information from them for our highest good.

In this three-level course, you will reawaken this hidden ability and travel to the “astral plane” (the realm experienced in dream state) while completely relaxed yet fully alert. The benefits for learning to stretch your understanding of other realms are many. It will expand your knowledge of reality itself, as well as your perceived personal boundaries.


Once liberated from your physical self, you can freely explore your consciousness (which exists outside of the body) in unbounded space and higher dimensions. With safe exercises, audio and toning accompaniment, and support from Selfic equipment, the sensation deepens with each level of this course. You will marvel at how natural it feels to experience the sublime sensation of your truest essence.

Past Life Research

Who am I?
Where do I come from?
And where am I going?

Past Lives Research offers the opportunity to become aware of the long journey of your soul and the directions it takes. At Damanhur, Past Lives Research is considered an important tool to understanding who you are in this life — what talents and strengths you can draw on, what challenges are part of the learning process of your soul.


The Past Lives Research is done on several levels, each course offering the chance to get to know one past life in particular. This life is traced down beforehand by members of the Way of the Oracle in Damanhur, who do their research based on photographs and birth dates for each participant. Your personal research process begins when you sign up for the course opening a new connection that may bring to your waking consciousness intuitions and emotions that have to do with this past life.

During the course the instructor will guide you through a series of meditative and dynamic exercises with the aim of having you feel the emotions of your past life – what experiences it brought, what lessons were learned, what riches were had.

Ancient Civilizations of Humankind
and Pre-Atlantean History

Level 1

Alien Civilizations and pre-Atlantean History: To accurately tell the story of our species, we must first begin at the source: star empires, galactic federations and alien species which have crossed our paths. Once you have a historic basis, we move forward in time in search for answers to the questions: How was this planet colonized and who did it? What are the technologies inherited from our ancestors and allies? What is the role of the human being?

Level 2

History of Atlantis: As far back as Ancient Greece, man has told the tale of a utopian island rich in spiritual and scientific wisdom whose trace leads back to an immeasurable period of time. Since then, every major culture has searched for the vestiges of this highly evolved civilization. What if Atlantis did exist and we only hear its echoes because it currently sits on different branch of time? Through research, exclusive images and the narrative of extraordinary experiences, you will discover memories and knowledge of this bygone age.

Pre-requisites: Ancient Civilizations of Humankind Level 1

Level 3

From Atlantis to the Modern Era: The Evolutionary Project of Humanity: What is the use of delving into the great mysteries if not to reconquer knowledge and reawaken our understanding of the great, evolutionary project planned for humanity? It is through the understanding of our collective history and the development of our personal powers that we can put together the pieces necessary to give rise to the new, aware and actualized civilization you have been tirelessly searching for.

Pre-requisites: Ancient Civilizations of Humankind Level 2

The origins of life go back much farther in time than the widely-known—and lesser-known—chapters of human history tell.

Our adventures begin beyond the confines of this planet and trace down through star empires, galactic federations, alien species and the civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and those we are only starting to discover.

The various chapters of human history on Earth originate with the succession of alien and extraterrestrial colonies exercising their territorial and cultural influence on the planet. In this historical record lie many answers to the questions we often ask ourselves about who we are, where we came from and how we evolved to become the beings we are today.

In this three-level course, you will be taken on an historical journey through the changing fortunes of human history, the constant rebalancing of the Forces involved, the creation of new alliances between human beings and divinities, and the origin of the different evolutionary strands of the human seed on Earth.

The universe is far older than what is written in our history books, and understanding its narrative give access to dormant memories and knowledge within us that are fundamental if we are to consciously expand and complete the evolutionary project of inner reawakening in which today we are all actively or unconsciously participating in as a human species.

Inner Harmonization

Level 1

Sounds and Breathing: It begins with the breath—the entrance to the inner self. Sound is used to stimulate the energy centers in the body (Chakras, or Adonajba in Sacred Language): listening, singing, identifying the sound within. Each exercise is made of precise movements fundamental on the path toward harmony, inner peace and balance.

Level 2

Colors and Aura: The second step makes us aware of our subtle dimension, which we learn to perceive, expand and strengthen. Color is the element that nurtures us and expands our aura, allowing us to realize how far we can extend and what our real potential is.

Pre-requisites: Inner Harmonization Level 1

Level 3

The “Happy Positions”: In this level you learn and practice the positions which evoke fully conscious participation and awareness of reality. After working at the individual and collective level, and with the re-activated consciousness of your true potential, it is now possible to contact the “race minds” of other species: animals, plants, forces of nature.

Pre-requisites: Inner Harmonization Level 2

The human being is a magical, three-dimensional symbol capable of connecting to the laws that regulate life in the cosmos. When we find our perfect energy balance, we are able to efficiently use our complete essence to interact with and shape the varied forms present in the worlds around us.

Each one of us is a fractal of the Universe with which we share a Divine Matrix. The practice of Inner Harmonization activates your physical and subtle components, stabilizes their existence in the world of Form, and strengthens your power to create through words and thoughts. For the practitioner that seeks inner peace and to reawaken the divine spark, it is a path toward enlightenment; for those who seek to realign the chakras and cleanse the aura, it provides a structured meditative practice easily incorporated into daily life.

The origins of Inner Harmonization date back to the time of Atlantis, where it was a widespread practice used to give meaning to actions, emotions and perceptions, to manifest desires with certainty, and to live life as a continual expression of evolved intelligence. It is a discipline based on expanding consciousness and well-suited in this modern era to reconquer skills and knowledge once lost.


Throughout this three-level course, you will be taught a series a physical and subtle exercises to progressively increase your range of perception. By practicing the breathing techniques, sounds and positions, you develop your sensorial sensibility and give new energy and new “existence” to the processes that are happening inside and outside yourself, increasing their ability to interact on the ethereal and corporeal planes.

Dream Paths

Level 1

Learn to Interpret your Dreams: Work with dream signs, traced as patterns, to clear your internal channels and open to new ways of thinking. In the first level, you will receive five patterns and base techniques to guides the unconscious mind in dreamtime.

Level 2

The Art of Guiding your Dreams: Expand your use of lucid dreaming with two more dream signs to enhance your exploration of new and more elaborate dreams.

Pre-requisites: The Paths of the Dream Level 1

We all dream, even if we don’t remember our dreams… and we are always dreaming, even while awake. It is the sense of dream, an inner sense that comes from our divine origin, that allows for the perception of high-levels of information “felt” by way of emotional channels.

Dreams manifest in different levels, each with corresponding functions. We move from simple dreams, in which the mind reorganizes and re-examines the events of our day, to more complex dreams that extend beyond our current perceptions to other points in time or in which we leave our physical bodies and enter the astral planes of reality. More advanced, and much rarer, dreams allow access to the “Threshold”, the realm of preserved memories and information waiting to be inserted (reincarnated) into new forms—the Threshold is discussed more deeply in Spiritual Physics and Humanistic Philosophy.

Dreaming is a fundamental element of life and is vital for spiritual growth and self-awareness. With training, this sense provides the base for conscious participation in different planes of reality, restructuring the mind to let go of its need to translate sensations into physical experiences and instead contact the primeval laws directly using other logics.


Taught in three levels, this course shows you how to interpret the dream and, with practice, consciously act in other realms. The most original technique used, developed at Damanhur, is the use of dream signs—archetypal signs that are known and understood by the unconscious mind—to open psychic patterns that support the passage to different levels of dreaming. Exercises given can be done nightly to strengthen lucid dreaming activity and aid in deciphering the events and sensations experienced.

By training our sense of dream, we can use our dreams deliberately, both asleep and awake, for our personal evolution and growth.

Spiritual Physics

Level 1

The Structure of Reality, the Universe, the Human Being: Understand the birth of matter and what happens when a Primal Divinity chooses to penetrate a new realm of possibilities that is totally unknown territory. See how the Human Being is formed and what is necessary for our evolution.

Level 2

The Nature of Time, the Time Empires, the Planes of Reality: Examine together the body of knowledge about the structure and functions of Time as a “territory” and the variety of different relationships and interactions in this sphere.

Pre-requisites: Spiritual Phyisics and Humanistic Philosophy Level 1

Level 3

The New Divine Alliance, Alchemy, Selfica and Magic Technology: Review the fundamentals of traditional magic and the research that is currently being conducted, as well as the technology and major instruments used.

Pre-requisites: Spiritual Phyisics and Humanistic Philosophy Level 2

Science and spirit:
We need both to live in the fullest
expression of ourselves as human beings.

We are now at a crucial time—foretold by Damanhur founder Falco Tarassaco—when our human future depends on a new sacred story, one that explains how the physics of our natural world merges with the language of the soul and all its components (called the Inner Personalities). As this course explains, these two concepts are not divergent.

Physical scientists reach into the invisible realms in order to understand the origin of matter. The “science of soul” also delves into the unseen mysteries of creation, along with the philosophy of the human intellect.

In this four-level course, participants will dissect the mysteries of our universe and of the human being.


Based on research grounded in knowledge obtained by Falco, students will explore:

  • The nature of the soul (which help us to communicate with ourselves)
  • The Inner Personalities that are part of our divine origin as human beings
  • Reincarnation and our journey through time
  • The laws that regulate the universe and life
  • Time structure
  • Cosmogenesis
  • The spiritual eco-systems
  • Magic and magic technology

The goal of this course is to expand the perception of ourselves and of life, in general. From this understanding, we are able to create and promote lifestyles that are in harmony and equilibrium with the universe.

Communication with the Plant World

Nature is all around.

You see trees in the park and water your houseplants, but how connected are you really to the plant world? What if you could actually dialog with plants and trees?

Researchers at Damanhur began pondering this question forty years ago when they started experimenting with plant communication. They have since discovered that plants have feelings, memory and intricate methods of communication. They can even create music!


The course covers aspects of how to perceive the vital rhythm of plants and enter into dialogue with them. This communication can be experienced in various ways, all of which are explored in the program: through art and music, by dreaming with trees, and by communicating with them up close and at a distance.

The outcome of this course is life changing, as the magic of plant communication touches people in a profound way that cannot be conveyed in words. It can only be heard and felt personally. Participants subtly learn to view the environment and our earth in new ways, and to even understand human behavior in a different context. This course is for anyone who wants to personally experience direct communication with plants using the universal language of music.

Reawakening the Inner Senses and Microlines

Level 1

Activating the Inner Senses: Reach a new level of understanding and participate more fully in life when you amplify your range of perception and establish a conscious connection with your inner senses. The activation of your first subtle organ in the Temples of Humankind will propel you on an exciting journey towards the revival of new abilities now dormant.

Level 1

Empowering the Microlines: The microlines are pathways connected to the Synchronic Lines that allow the subtle body, Inner Senses, thoughts and emotions to express themselves. These lines vary from one individual to another according to factors like place of birth, zodiacal influences, early education, and physical characteristics. Strengthening the microlines increases your connection to the flow of life in the universe.

Led by expert instructors, participants will first explore the “subtle organs” and learn why they are important.

Next, the class will focus on activating the microlines, thereby liberating the physical body so that its energy can flow freely.

The coursework is further intensified in a safe and humorous way by Selfic instruments, the subtle spiritual intelligences that are unique to Damanhur. Made mostly of copper and precious metals, Selfica are living forms that serve as a bridge between the physical and other energetic planes. The result of experimenting with these inner senses is a heightened connection to our most extraordinary potentials, and a sweet pathway towards reviving and living our divine nature.

By the end of the course, participants will have actively re-conquered their inner skills and tools, learned to effectively use them, and cleansed their energetic body in order express themselves at the highest possible level.


Everyone is familiar with the five senses, yet did you know that humans are endowed with numerous other channels of perception? At Damanhur, we refer to these as the “inner senses”; in particular, the sense of dreaming, the sense of memory, the sense of the exchange, the sense of desire, and the sense of the divine. The ability to perceive with this fuller range of senses and effectively use them can exponentially catalyze one’s potential for living a divinely inspired life.

This course of study follows two main themes: 1) directly activating the inner senses and 2) enhancing the microlines, or the energy channels, within the human body. These two experiences, when combined, create an intimate journey both inward and beyond the limits of what we typically think of as “reality.”

Inner Answers – Transformation of Memories – Cultivation of Memories

In life we are inundated with questions,
some of which illicit a burning desire
to look inward for answers.

While we know the responses lie within, our multiple inner voices often speak in conflicting tongues guided by individual goals and disparate motivations, rather than a cohesive logic flow.

To quiet the constant, internal noise, there is a high risk of creating a rigid rationality of easy answers or to indefinitely postpone life’s hardest questions and live in a state of perpetual confusion.


But there is hope! Time seed technology—a tool developed from the research into “time” in Damanhur and our alliance with Selfica—used in the transformation and cultivation of memories, can be effectively applied to quiet the inner voices and unlock the door that leads to the secret room we all have where the answer to any question can be found.

With perseverance and consistent practice of the techniques given in this course, you can step into this reservoir of knowledge hidden in the deepest parts of your being and give your inner sage permission to read from the ancient texts imprinted on your very soul.

Using one of the most advanced discoveries in the field of time research in Damanhur, Transformation and Cultivation of Memories teaches a simple and effective method using avant-garde, Selfic technology called “Time Seeds” to review the events of your past—especially those affecting the first 6-7 years of life—and reinterpret them according to a new vision of your choosing. Actively transforming the negative consequences of emotions connected to a specific memory changes, by consequence, your emotions and behaviours in the present.

Each one of us views our world through the lens of three active rivers that flow within us. These rivers were not chosen by us, but are instead the product of our education, environment and generic heritage. Everything you have learned from others at an early age was necessary—and surely thought to be in your best interest—though it was not consciously chosen by you. Your environment—culture, taboos, fears, media, morals—has created a filter in which you view and perceive current events. Contained in your consciousness is a genetic heritage inherited from your ancestors, the race mind, and the stories of your family, which you use on a daily basis to process information and make decisions.

These rivers can act as a barrier to the full use of your free will. To evolve spiritually, it is essential to learn how to navigate your rivers and choose which path to take. This course gives you the tools to achieve greater inner clarity, resulting in the lucidity needed to identify desires and projects in alignment with your core essence.

During the course, a time seed is inserted in your aura. It has a double path of development: one branch, as in the case of the seed related to transforming memories, develops towards the past. Another branch goes toward possible futures, “transporting” your projects. This second branch does not have a deadline; it can continue to sprout throughout your whole life, if it is nourished with attention and use. Otherwise, after about three months, it withers.

Guiding the Emotions and Lateral Thinking

We all have emotions…
emotions guide our actions.

Rather than limit or suppress them, wouldn’t it be great to learn how to recognize them and properly use them to create the reality around you?

Feelings of joy and pain are strong energies which are often expressed in a way we call emotionality—raw, incomplete emotions which consume more than they nourish—but with training and conscious awareness, emotions become a valuable source of energy on the path to personal growth and healing.


This course provides the skills necessary to transform emotionality into conscious emotion, a force you often ignore or find hard to control, and from which you can draw new strength. With a tried and true method to guide and transform the emotional flow, it will become a source of freedom and expansion, shattering personal limitations and fears and increasing the quality of creative thoughts.

Only by conquering your own emotional balance it is possible to become a reference point for others. This is why working on the emotions is particularly well-suited for trainers and coaches. Immerse yourself in your conscious emotions and let flow your rich, inner world.

Inner Personalities

Each of us lives a
complex reality of desires,
thoughts, dreams and ideas.

Our cultural education and genetic make-up teaches us to think of ourselves as a single individual, but in reality the physical body is shared by multiple “individuals” known as “personalities”—parallel to the individual organs that make up the physical body—each with its own function fundamental to the workings of the whole.

The fact that we often have conflicting feelings is a direct result of the composition of these multiple parts with seemingly opposing goals. This is the true nature of the human being—multifaceted and multiform—and these personalities represent a great potential and extraordinary wealth when we learn to create harmony between them and unify their goals.


Like an orchestra of musicians, each section has its own lead which takes charge depending on the present situation. When your personalities are in harmony, the result is a rich symphony of united sound, but when there is friction, all you get is noise. The ultimate goal of this two level course is to develop the techniques to become the conductor of this powerful group of artists and create a melodic masterpiece.

Exercises learned are based on forms of artistic expression and play, in addition to various meditation techniques. The end result is to define, contact and harmonize our diverse personalities in order to resolve inner conflicts and achieve a greater level of integrated wellness. According to Damanhurian Spiritual Physics, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure, and along with the attractor, connect the divine within us. According to this theory, when we learn to recognize and recall these aspects, we can guide an enormous richness of talents and possibilities with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment.

Follow the Trail of Your Mission

Every human being has a mission to accomplish—
a project that gives meaning
to our existence across many lives.

Upon entering into the world of form, your soul lost the memory of its sacred mission. The reawakening of the divine spark provides the possibility of regaining your full memories and taking control of your soul’s path. This is a necessary step in your evolution if you are to complete your mission and reach enlightenment.


When trying to understand your life’s mission, without a starting point, you get more questions than answers:

What is the purpose of my existence?

Why this life and this time?

What path should I take? The answers to your questions lie in first understanding your mission in this life, then piecing that together with the memories and missions of past lives. The five levels of Past Lives Research course give you the foundation to see the bigger picture and upon which you can start assembling what you are meant to accomplish.

With the trail before you, you will learn to create the conditions suitable to receiving the messages that come from within—those deep voices that sometimes only whisper and are covered by the loud noises of the mind. In those delicate messages are found the answers that will guide your steps on the path. The use of the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Woods Temple amplify your soul’s voice and will help you understand the meaning of your existence on this planet.


A Journey Towards the Perfection of the Human Being

An alchemist’s goal is to reach the maximum evolution, the total expression of your potential. As the founder of Damanhur and the School of Alchemy, Falco Tarassaco said, “In alchemy you want to reach perfection.”

Not unlike our planet, alchemy is constantly evolving and adapts to all epochs of evolution. In this exciting seminar we will access, explore and experience a New Era of Alchemy.

Attend the Mystery School …
Come Learn, Experience & Evolve with Us!

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