A Journey Towards the Perfection of the Human Being

An alchemist’s goal is to reach the maximum evolution, the total expression of your potential. As the founder of Damanhur and the School of Alchemy, Falco Tarassaco said, “In alchemy you want to reach perfection.”

Not unlike our planet, alchemy is constantly evolving and adapts to all epochs of evolution. In this exciting seminar we will access, explore and experience a New Era of Alchemy.

The Damanurian School of Alchemy offers, from an alchemical point of view, a fascinating, profound and intimate journey that leads you to investigate the secrets held within human beings and the spiritual ecosystem of which it is a part.

The School of Alchemy offers a path of knowledge that approaches a particular field, namely the “alchemy of living forces”. Here the manipulation of substances occurs primarily in the principle Atanor which the alchemist has at his/her disposal. That is to say your body which is considered the holistic result of an extraordinary complexity; physical, emotional, subtle energy.

Substances and energies which are manipulated outside of yourself are always considered alive. In the Damanurian approach this manipulation outside of yourself results, at the same time, in an intimate transformation within.

You are guided on a journey beginning with an exploration of your potential and your ability to manage it. The result in the end is alchemical gold; the awakening of your divine spark.

Tools and knowledge, unique to our school, will be given to you. Through these it will be possible to develop exercises and personal rituals which, if practiced conscientiously, will open the way to refinement and expression of your magical potential.

Among the processes you will explore are; management and exploration of physical and subtle bodies, deepened use of external and internal senses, management of emotions as a substance, time as an alchemical element, how to build and use magical tools prepared for you, learn to interact with entities that live in the subtle planes, contact with the Elements of Nature, use of magic geometries, learn about psychic patterns, explore the rituals and traditions of Ancient Magic.

In the end, the alchemist is an eclectic artist who aspires to achieve completeness in every aspect of life you will also learnhow social life and art are connected to alchemy. This and more will lead to the creation of “ potions” useful for your refinement. And of course all of this will be in the alchemical laboratory that you will be building.

YEAR ONE Seminar Outline

During this year you explore your body and its possibilities as the first alchemical ATANOR. As a tool in the practice of Alchemy, you will work to refine your sensitivity by developing the knowledge of your inner senses. To reorder and bring us gradually to our own basic and purest frequency, you will come in contact with the Nature Elements and that part of your personality connected to them. In this exploration you will use patterns, magical geometries and personal ritual exercises.

You will also reorder and contact your male and female aspects, giving the right space and value to each of them. You will learn to develop your alchemical laboratory inside and outside of yourself in order to produce substances from which to make your first “potions”. You will also begin to use both dreams and nutrition as an alchemical way.

To enhance your work on alchemy, substances both internal and external as well as magical tools energetically prepared to your personal frequency will be used. Psychic patterns and Selfic structures will also be employed to help prepare you to be an alchemist. Very special energetic locations such as the circuits/spirals in the Sacred Woods and the Temples of Humankind as well as other powerful tools and dynamics will be used in your exploration.

YEAR TWO Seminar Outline

Specific topics will be developed that will allow you to expand the awareness of your potential and characteristics. These will also supply knowledge to deepen the practice within certain sectors of alchemy.

Over time you will be able to evaluate your predisposition to aspects you feel passionate about. These you will be able to develop in collaboration with your teachers and the group to which you are working with.

Some examples of research fields you may develop are:

  • learn to manage sensitivity at an advanced level
  • move in the astral world and the world of dreams
  • develop intuition

You will dedicate yourself to learn how to read signs that as an alchemic audience can indicate the future. You’ll also learn to move perceptions backward and forward in time and move the events themselves. The use of dreams and art in alchemy will also be explored.

YEAR THREE Seminar Outline

You learn how to use “ time” as a substance and as a territory to travel back and forth.  The use of the “time element”, elements of nature and substances produced by yourselves will be explored. With the help of tools acquired in previous years, you will learn how to utilize the sound in Magic and the Forces of Nature to create useful Entities which we call Chimeras. This aids the possibilities for the alchemist to extend into the world of “subtle energies”.

You will also explore social alchemy. In this area, the people with whom you interact are the most powerful elements that can effect the evolution within yourself and others.

Over the three years of the this path you will be given indications regarding the care of your body as an alchemical laboratory as well as the optimal lifestyle for an alchemist in accord with the principles of the Damanhurian School.

Additionally there will be tools that you can use at home to be in touch with your tutor. These will help you to continue your refinement and put acquired knowledge into practice – between one lesson and the next.

Use of dreams and art in alchemy will also be explored.

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